Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My wife Mary and I drive today to Vancouver with my bicycle. to begin my long bicycle trip of approximately 6,100km from Vancouver to Halifax. I am torn between many diverse feeling such as: I can't wait to get on the road; have I bitten off more than I can chew? Am I being naive or perhaps downright stupid to even think of taking on something of this magnitude at my age? However I read an article recently that was based on the premise that sixty is now the new forty.
I said yes! yes! yes! This was exactly what I wanted to hear, because this is the way I feel. Age is only a number and I am 62 years young not old. I feel like a young thoroughbred ready to burst forth from the starting gates and get the job done. By getting the job done I also want to help put some money into the Child haven coffers so that they can continue their award winning work with the needy in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Tibet.
Sean Collins


  1. Good luck Sean! Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures. Hope your fundraiser is a huge success.

  2. Hi Sean: Good luck with your trip. You have a place to stay in Winnipeg: Just ask Fred or Bonnie for our contact info.

    Rudy and Zobida Ambtman.

  3. Good luck on this wonderful journey. We in Winnipeg are committed to CHI and would be honoured to have you stay with us for a meal and and a place to rest your head. My email address is Zobida Ambtman

  4. Hi Sean,
    We are very proud of what you're doing. Hope your first few days are going as planned. Make sure you're eating right! We'll have you over for a big meal when you get to Calgary.