Monday, June 25, 2012

I have been preparing for my marathon bicycle trip for the past several months across Canada both mentally and physically. Mentally I have been able to convince myself that I am capable of taking on and completing this self-propelled journey from Vancouver to Halifax. I believe it was Henry Ford who said "If you believe you can or you can't you are correct" Lets hope I am correct. The physical preparation has been a little more arduous. Lots of running and time on the saddle. I did plenty of running in training for the Calgary Marathon which I ran a few weeks ago. Since the marathon I have been focused mainly on the bicycle. I ride back and forth to work every day with longer rides out of the city on the weekends. I have also been focusing on the nutritional aspect and have increased my caloric intake in an effort to put on some extra weight for the journey. I have estimated that I will be burning between five and eight thousand calories a day. It is going to be a real juggling act to keep up the nutrition supply as well as the hydration.
So If you pass me on the hi-way don't forget to throw a bone or some other edible at me. I will eat it unless it bites back.
Sean Collins       

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