Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tuesday July 31:  Went form Mattawa to Cobden today 182 kms.  There were lots of hill in the first part of the day and lots of rain in the second part! I passed through Chalk River, Petawawa. I met an American cyclist going the opposite direction.  He said he was heading to Denver.  Pulled into Cobden thoroughly soaked and I managed to get the last hotel room in the city. (There is just one hotel)  On to Ottawa tomorrow for a few days rest and to meet Fred Cappuccino.  Bonnie is in India for now so I won't be able to meet with her.


  1. Enjoy your few days rest in Ottawa dear. Doing great. See ou soon. xXX


  2. I am amazed at your perseverence and determination. I am in awe of your character and strength. It truly is an honor to work with you at Bishop Carroll.

    I'm rooting for you and enjoying the journey you're taking me on.

    Stay strong and enjoy the ride. Looking forward to hearing all about it from you in your lovely descriptive Irish accent.

    All the best....God bless
    Sabina Amaral