Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday August 6th. Sean was able to recover on Sunday from his gruelling Saturday ride from Ottawa that took 11 hours in high heat, humidity and with a strong headwind. After supper and a shower, he rallied Saturday evening to enjoy meeting Mary, Nancy Graham and Nancy Schmidt, Paul & Susan and Susan Czarnocki and Lois. He was very grateful for the maps provided by John Schmidt and the good advice of Paul and Susan as he planned his route across Montreal Island and on to Trois Rivières. 

Sean and Paul Sullivan
He decided to remain here for Sunday, which was a rainy day in Montreal, but we went to the service at the Unitarian Church of Montreal in the morning and he met many people who know and support Child Haven, and another avid cyclist too! We also toured the city - so he could see some of its many attractions before cycling out of town. 
Lunch was poutine in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, and supper was in a pub in Pointe Claire Village - all of which he enjoyed and devoured! Paul Sullivan arrived at 6:15 am. today and accompanied Sean through the bike paths to the Old Port. I have a photo of them ready to leave.

Sean phoned me this evening to say he arrived safely and in good shape in Trois Rivières, biking 185kms. He had another cycling partner too - a man who is cycling from Montreal to Rimouski. They were challenged in that Sean doesn't speak French and the other man doesn't speak English, but they were happy to ride together and are even staying in the same motel tonight. Bikes are their common language!


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