Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 3rd   Leaving Sicamous BC heading for the Rogers Pass.   I started cycling in the rain and finished in the rain at the top of The Rogers Pass - Elevation  1330 meters.  Overall it was a good day for cycling except for the last hour when it deluged.  I was cold, wet and hungry at the end of this 140 Km segment.  Fortunately, my wife had a nice hotel booked right at the top of the Pass and a warm bath/shower set me straight in no time and got me ready for the next day.

July 4th.  Left the Rogers Pass and it was still raining lightly.  However, when I got down the other side the weather started to brighten up and the sun came out. I cycled to Lake Louise  180 kms approximately 8 hours on the road. It was at this point my wife drove on home to Calgary and I stayed at a beautiful hostel in Lake Louise.  During my stay I ran into a Dutch Gentleman who is cycling from the tip of Alaska to the tip of South America. A distance of approx 30,000 kms.  He is taking 18 months to complete this trip.  Makes my journey seem miniscule......

July 5th.  Left Lake Louise at 6.45 AM.  The temperature was barely above zero.  I was pretty cold and thought my fingers would freeze.  However, when I got to Banff I was starting to warm up.  I rushed through Banff at the thought of getting a hot Double Double at Tim Hortons in Canmore, where I had my first break after 75 kms.  I would have made better progress but ran into some east wind which is unusual as the prevailing winds go from west to east.  This put me back a half hour getting into Calgary where I arrived in at 3.30 PM and 180 kms later.

Friday July 6th - Yahoo time in Calgary for the 100th celebration of the Calgary Stampede.  I am taking a short break with my family until Monday to rest up before heading into the Prairies.  From here on I will not have the support from my Long Suffering Wife Mary.  I am hoping to cycle early in the mornings to avoid what is expected to be extreme heat in the prairies.  It is imperative that I drink lots of liquids during this leg of the journey.  No wine or beer for me.......

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  1. Congratulations Sean!!! Cycling across Canada is huge no matter what you compare it with!! We are all very proud of you. Enjoy your time with your family this weekend. Looking forward to hearing about your travels across the prairies.