Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 21. Today was a great biking day.  I made it 218 kms from Dryden to Upsala, Ontario.That's 60 kms more than I had planned on for the day. I had a good tailwind and was able to cover a lot of ground. The day started off with a flat tire and so delayed my 6:00 am start until 7:30.  After getting on the road things went quite well.  It was 28 degrees and a lot less humid. Just a lovely day.  I met a man who was walking across Canada pushing his belongings in a 3 wheel stroller.  Sunday I will bike the 145 km to Thunderbay and then call it a day.  I need to get a new tire for the bike.
July 20th. Went 145 kms from Kenora to Dryden


  1. You are doing great Sean. Soooo proud of you. Mary XXX

  2. Sean, it's so good to read your reports and follow your progress. What an incredible experience! How many people our age (and younger!!!) don't bother to get off the couch? Keep on keepin' on!


  3. Sean... Legs of steel and heart of gold.. John.